WNBA: Spark Liz Cambage maintains no slur was said to Nigerian players

This previous week, a season currently filled with ups and downs took another unforeseen turn. In a short article composed by the Daily Telegraph, a number of Australian gamers and Nigerian gamers declared Liz Cambage described Nigerian gamers as “monkeys” and stated, “go back to your third world country.” This event took place throughout a skirmish at UNLV in preparation for the Olympics when Cambage was still a member of the Australian group.

Cambage went to Instagram to react to the report. She declares she “did not use the racial slur towards the Nigerian team” however did take duty for her participation in the event. She likewise referenced ignoring the event due to her psychological and physical health issues.

The action from Cambage did not please the WNBA neighborhood at big. If what was declared wasn’t stated, then what was? And if you have taken duty for your participation, what was that participation? What did you do? The uncertainty of the specifics does not assist Cambage when what she is being implicated of is extremely particular and priced quote.

Sparks Reaction

After this report and Cambage’s action, the Sparks still needed to play a video game. They beat the Lynx 85-83, winning a close video game, something the group has actually had a hard time to do in the past. After the video game, Cambage did not speak to the media. That didn’t stop media members from asking concerns about the event to her Spark colleague Nneka Ogwumike. “As a team, we talked about it, and we addressed it. That’s really what it is. Anything else is really not anyone else’s business unless Liz comes out and says what she wants to say”.

Will these remarks soothe the outcry from WNBA Twitter? Probably not, however it does assist that the group discussed this concern prior to her arrival and consented to have her sign up with the group after hearing the details on what taken place. They have more details than what has actually been reported, and it’s great to understand they resolved this previous to this report.

Words Matter

I’m unsure of just what took place. Physical attack on Cambage, worry for one’s physical and psychological health, and racial slurs being screamed out all seem like an extreme and terrible circumstance. What I do understand is that words matter. If what Cambage has actually been implicated of stating holds true, that is a hazardous, despiteful, and racist thing to state. It has no location in our society or in sport, and those sort of words can trigger damage to individuals of color.

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